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Brisbane Hardware Store/Ace
Bill Del Chiaro

Three generations of Del Chiaros, in fact three
Bill DelChiaros have been providing excellent service to our community.The Brisbane Hardware store originally opened in 1947!  Their website provides specials and more, and I know personally that Billy will do his best to find any product made and special order it for you.  We are so lucky! Shop locally   415.467.2707

Paul Gallant, General Contractor
Marc Salmon, General Contractor
Sue Cochran, Contractor
Bob Dettmer, General Contractor
Johnny Arthurs, Plumber
Jerry Kuhel, Architect
Karmel Kabash, Painting
Pix Murphey
Mike Glynn
Tim Garcia, Fence Pro
Tim Chang, Large Tree Removal or Trimming
Randy Romriel, Dry wall
Dale Conway, Contractor
Carmel Kabash Coatings, Painter

While I work on contact information for these local talented people.  the Hardware Store, listed above, can most likely connect you with any one of them.

Bill Dettmer

Bill happens to be my husband, and I will vouch for his availability, responsiveness, ability to think outside the box and creativity.  Anything big or small...Call Bill  415.533.1773 or email Bill at

US Surveillance Systems
Luis Perez
This company has provided peace of mind to many, here in Brisbane and the Greater Bay Area.  Owned and operated by Luis Perez, and located right here in Brisbane.
There are many benefits ranging from
  • Crime deterrent
  • Real time viewing
  • Remote viewing
  • Premise Surveillance
  • Event documentation
  • Intrusion control
  • Employee safety
  • Production control
  • Inventory loss prevention
http://www.usss25.com/  or
call Luis at (415) 508-0550

Interdesign Studio
Jamie Snavley
Interior Designer

Jamie is a friend and former resident of Brisbane with an amazing ability to vision beautiful things for your home.  Please check out his website at

Willow Home Appraisal
Ann Henderson
Ann lives in Brisbane and is a friend and has long time associate of Dettmer & Associates.  She is sweet, honest and will perform your home appraisal by the book.  Everyone in the business knows that an appraiser who understands Brisbane, will most likely know how to appraise our unusual and wonderfully diverse homes. We are not little boxes on the hillside! :)

Stephen Hill Building Inspection Services
A Brisbanite who has diligently worked through many local inspections in Brisbane.  Steve will help you know your home intimately and share his professional expertise to help you maintain your beautiful investment.

Tony Verreos

Now in our 58th year, and our 34th year in Brisbane, VIA has 
achieved something many others have not - survival.  Constant adaptation to meet the changing needs of our clients has been
managed without sacrificing our core values which are key to our
success.  We now serve clients ranging from Shasta, to Tahoe, and San Diego.  We don't take our client's for granted.  Thanks!
Anthony N. Verreos,   President
V E R R E O S  Insurance Agency (tm),  VIA (tm), Mr. Insurance Broker (tm) 

CDI #0585599 corporate
       #0A65136 individual

  • Phone: (415) 467-9600

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