Love Letters

"Linda Dettmer, is the most knowledgeable and caring  Real-estate
                professional in the
                San Francisco Bay Area!"

            - Dr. Pritam S. Sabharwal 
Namaste, and thank you Dr. Sabharwal... It is always a pleasure to work with you!  Linda

When we became landlords we didn't know what to expect.  You made it an easy transition for us.  You took care of everything from getting our rental ready, interviewing & finding the perfect tenant.  You have the professionalism, personality, expertise, experience & that "extra something" that continues to make it all work.  Linda, you are the best.
-Terry & Elva Lefler

Terry and Elva, Thank you  again and again for your trust in me!  Linda

"We were first-time home buyers with a difficult seller.  When it looked like a sale wouldn't happen, Linda stepped in.  She secured the best loan when lenders weren't lending, the best insurance when insurers weren't insuring.  We became homeowners in a difficult market thanks to Linda."

-Tom Heinz and Dana Dillworth

Thank you Dana and Tom.  You coined the phrase "Ahhhh, Brisbane!"   and I love it! 

"We are looking forward to working with you in the coming year. It is important to our business knowing that we can always count on your courteous, prompt, and professional service. We appreciate all your efforts on our behalf."

-John DeMarco
DeMarco's Properties

John and Nugget....  As  always,  I appreciate the trust that the DeMarco Family has shown me.   I am honored to look forward to working with you!  Linda

Linda has helped us with the sale and purchase of more then one home.  Her support during these stressful changes has always helped us with the process.  She has been professional as well as informative of what the next steps are with every transaction....  I recommend her to help with any real estate transaction.
-Thomas L. Stout
-Thomas  N. Lambert

Tom and Tom, you have taught me so much as we have traveled this road over the years!  I am happy our business relationship has become a true friendship!  Linda
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